Saturday, May 05, 2007

5th post in Everyday in May

I am using my mother's dial up computer which is extremely slow. This post will be without photos. Here is the 5th Everyday in May post.

Conversation had with my daughter last night.

G: Mommy, Gammie fell down de stairs in aginia.

Me: Yep Grammie fell down the stairs in Virginia

G: What she go see, her brudder??

Me: No. Grammie went to see her sister and her nieces.

G: Who?

Me: Her nieces like you are Aunt JoJo's niece?

G: (thinking silently) Not her elbows?

It is very funny to hear back what a child of 3 understands of what you said.

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crazylady said...

FYI, I see you changed your blog link format. You made it mei mei and Jie jie, which is great and appreciate still cutting the mustard, but the link is to (dead end)...hmmm. on purpose?
but should be

Not that I'm checking.

I need help understanding Glenys' conversation....was she thinkin' elbows and knees...neices?