Monday, May 07, 2007

7th Post in Every day in May

This is a mixed post of dad update and everyday in May update. This photo was taken before we knew my dad was going to have surgery. This shows the extent my dad will go to make his granddaughter happy. Now, just so you know he would be this way with any of the 6 grandkids but G is physically the closest. 

This was this spring during a cold snap. I know this because G has one of her new zoo shirts on and the long sleeve under it because it was cold outside. She also was being picked up from spending the night with Grandad. The smile on my dad's face tells his own feeling of this event. He was loving every minute of it.

Comparison to this weekend and all he could do with G was touch her hands or give her a kiss. He wasn't even able to lean over in his chair to color with her. She understood or at least seemed to, and wasn't upset by this. This will be a long recovery period for him. When I would watch him hold his hands out to her he looked so much like my own grandad (his dad). My grandparents were always old at least to me. I never remember being held by my grandad. My mom says my grandparents played with us the way my parents play with their grandkids.

It is fun to watch the interaction. I post these over and over because one day G will be able to read. I want her to remember her grandparents playing in the floor with her and being dragged by her. My parents didn't recount this stuff for me and I love history, especially my own. So I want to do so for G. I want to keep her history. Now she may grow up and not care but at least I have tried to document it for her.

By the way, dad is doing as expected. He is healing slowly and resting a lot. He would rather be able to do more but as this was major surgery, he can't. He is not taking a lot of pain pills because he doesn't like to be knocked out like that. So good news too is there was no cancer in any of the lymph nodes and now he just has to heal.


Kim said...

So glad your Dad is on the mend and what great news about no cancer in the lymph nodes!!

LID 3/29/07 for Megan Jean

crazylady said...

Great news, but I'm the one who told you that first. So many people doubt me. Why?
Your dad looks very spry pre-op that's for sure. I need a crane to get me up once I'm down like that.
Sen said...

Great news!! I am so happy for you. Yes, your dad does look quite spry. I know since I broke my ankle once I get down I can barely crawl back up! The girls use it to their advantage. haha.