Wednesday, May 09, 2007

9th Post in Everyday in May

This is the Melt Down Post. I have no picture as the events described here happened when I was without camera, specifically last night.
Scene is my bedroom around 8:45pm as we are getting ready to go to sleep starting our routine with a book. Glenys decides to take this opportunity to become very moody. When she gets this way she forgets her words. She reaches and grunts. Now she is 3 years old with a very large vocabulary. She knows how to use words so I ignore the grunt requests and leave the room to finish the laundry which pisses her off.
At this point she is really starting to call for me, grunt and cry. The whole time all she wanted was her sippy cup. Also,she just wouldn't cooperate and flip the flaps in her book. She also wouldn't turn the page. I left the room one more time to do something else and came back to find that she had painted a spot on her face and feet with toe polish. She actually was trying to taste it. I told her I was going to put the polish up until she was older since she knew not to touch it without me. We had had that discussion before. This lead to more anger and pouting.
I got back into bed to try and finish the book. She threw one of her carebears at me. She is on the verge, people, of a meltdown. I truly didn't see this one coming as she had been pretty good for me all night. Finally, I had enough of the moody non-cooperative behavior and turned the light off. I am a talker so I was explaining all of my actions to her. I said, "Okay since we don't want to read the book, I am turning the lights off now." I was so totally laughing at this because I could not see the start of this.
Then the tears started, the wailing, the begging for a book, the "Mommmeeee," the jerking away when I touched her to try and comfort her. I asked if she wanted a story instead and we agreed on Noah and the Ark. She cried through it, couldn't hear it. Finally she let me hold her and then she told me that she had cried at school after nap time. I don't know if she had lingering feelings from the day or if this was just a bad attempt at staying awake.
She finally fell asleep after 1 hour and 45 mins of this meltdown from beginning to end. In all of the Glenys flap, I locked one of the cats in the front room without food, water and litter box. I did not even miss the cat who sleeps with us every night because of the meltdown distraction. I should have been the moody one since I was the one who had to clean up the cat mess. Oh well, we are living the life of a 3 year old.

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