Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Adoption Round Up

Adventures in Daily Living is having an adoption round up post. Post your favorite adoption related entry whether that be about attachment or the waiting period or the actual trips, etc.

Check it all out. There are 25 entries so far.

Here is the post I submitted and I need to clarify somethings I said or that have been commented on. I never meant to imply that abandonment nor abortion nor even adoption plans are simple or without many complicated decisions and situations. None of it is easy.

What I did imply is that society, especially in China, wants the women to abort or abandon (as is seen in the current Guangxi riots) and go on without looking back, just forget the past and move forward. I also will not suggest that the birthmoms do not ever think of the babies abandoned nor aborted. I don't, however, think these women dwell on the memories, nor do I think the same emphasis is placed on the past as Westerners tend to do. As I have said before, after reading Chinese histories and other memoirs from Chinese women I tend to see the pattern of moving on instead of dwelling in the past as prevalent for the continuation of the culture. It seems to be an oxymoron but really getting stuck in the past prevents forward movement.

If you are interested in Chinese history or culture pick up some memoirs such as Wild Swans or books along those lines. The wife of Sun Yat Sen had two sisters one married Chaing Kai Shek (sp?) and all three girls were educated in America. There is a book about them called The Sisters of Hefei (I think). Another good book is the Concubine's Children. None of these books are adoption related by the way but abandonment is prevalent.


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Hey, thanks for the link! I'm super excited about all the new blogs I am finding from the round-up.

I couldn't catch what was up with your Dad, but getting the cath out is a great thing. My dad has to put one IN every four hours.