Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blog Readers Far and Near into "Lucky"

I have not a lot of but a few blog readers (Thank you all for stopping by). I have one set of blog readers that I had not a clue about until this past weekend. You see, I sent my family members the link to this site but since none of my immediate family checks it I assumed (wrongly) that no family member does. So two weekends ago when my aunt called my dad to ask about his cancer and upcoming surgery, we all wondered how she found out. Not that it was a secret but she is my mother's brother's wife and for whatever reason, mom didn't tell her brothers about dad.

Actually, this particular aunt is pretty cool and very tech savvy starting a computer business at one point. My uncle is extremely funny with a dry sense of humor, and their children are brilliant. I digress. Anyway, this past weekend my mom asked her brother how they found out and he said that Aunt Barbara read it from the blog. Hi, Aunt Barbara

Now, I self-censor anyway so even though I now know family is reading; it won't change anything I write. But for those who have not commented but read stop by and say hello or tell me how cute you think Glenys is. Because she is you know.

There is another reader who did comment. She is either from China and still residing there or from China and residing elsewhere. I only know her by Tong. She left a comment about how lucky our children are and how nice we are by adopting them. I am not insulted by the comment although if it were made by a caucasian person in my town I would want to throw down right there. But Tong respectfully made it clear the children being adopted are from her country and they are lucky. From her perspective they are very lucky.

The more I read about China present I will agree. Glenys is lucky to be able to grow up here in the US. She would be lucky if we lived in Canada too. She was from a rural area in China. There is extreme corruption in the Chinese government at the local cadre level especially with regards to the rural populace.

Doubt me? Read the book "Will the Boat Sink the Water?" This book is banned in China currently. The authors are on the run and being sued in a corrupt court system. This book takes place in Anhui province in the current time frame. This is not history like the book "Mao." This is very sad, and the authors make it clear the stuff in the book happens in all provinces.

Now before I ruffle feathers, Glenys is not lucky because she was adopted, especially by me, but she is lucky as I am lucky to grow up in a country with a government that generally allows free speech and where mostly the welfare of the underdog is protected. We have our own problems, and I am well aware of the problems. But given the advantages, we are lucky.

So as this idea of lucky to be adopted is going to be covered in another post, my rambling is more of a welcoming to all readers and all opinions. Hello, Tong, and stop by again. It would be nice to have your opinion and maybe some culture related info on your country.

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theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Bev. Your child is lucky. Not to be adopted, but to have a family who loves and adores her. That my friend is the most important thing you can give to a child. Sadly enough there are lots of children who don't have a warm bed or a mommy or daddy who will tuck them in and kiss them good night. You done good girl...Rony