Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dad update

So we called him this morning as it is his birthday for G to sing happy birthday. I don't know if I just didn't expect him to answer, or if he truly sounded so different, but I was afraid I had gotten an orderly on the phone. First off, my dad is a very soft spoken man with a voice of authority. I however and my mom are screamers by nature and nurture. So this morning he was loud, and behind the voice was either the sound of anxiousness or of having been extremely well rested. Anyhoo, he surprised me by answering. G sang happy birthday to him and that probably made his day. I hope all his grandkids will call and do the same.

We are waiting for the call that says he has gotten up and has no tubes or IVs in him and we will take him a balloon and some cupcakes to celebrate his birthday. Actually, that would be for G's benefit not dad's. Birthdays are for children and those adults with children's hearts, like me.

He did tell me he was ready to get out of the bed. I think he doesn't realize how hard that will be and how sick that might make him. I am afraid he is over anxious. Anyway, now we have only the recuperating in a most non distinguished way.

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crazylady said...

GREAT news. Happy Birthday Mr. Dad!