Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dad Update

My dad is doing great. He is walking one mile a day, to the post office and back. He had the cath removed a week ago and will be driving himself to the doctor's today. He was able to mow some of the yard this week on the riding mower. He still cannot pick things up that are very heavy, more than around 10 lbs. He is tired of the other issues that come with this type of surgery however he does feel the urge to pee which is really good. All that needs to happen now is the muscles to recover for more control.



theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Your dad is walking a mile a day? And after just having surgery?! Holy crap. I couldn't do it.... I'm so exhausted after chasing my little monkeys all day. ha ha..

Thanks for the kind words today.

p.s. don't judge my grammar as I don't always re-check. No time....

crazylady said...

Feeling the urge to pee is always good. Just depends (unintentional pun there) on where you do it.
Good news.