Thursday, May 17, 2007

An evening with a hurried/harried mom

Yesterday afternoon after dropping G off to ride to my mom's home with my mom, I ran home to let the dog out and start a load of laundry. Here is what I did. I opened the door carrying nothing with me other than my keys. Dropped them in a well known place. Let the dog out, picked up some coffee to take to my mom's for dinner, and gathered the clothes to wash.

I started the laundry, put the dog back up, and gathered PJs for G to wear home after her bath. As I was heading back out the door I realized I couldn't find my keys. I looked in all the regular and not so regular places, retracing my steps in my mind and literally. I was imagining the feel of them in my hands as I was retracing my steps to see if I remembered when my hands didn't feel them anymore. I looked in all the places I had gone to gather the clothes and glanced by the front door 4 times. I even looked at/in the door knob to see if I left them in the door. That has happened once, over night.

Then I had a horror stricken thought and went to listen. Sure enough I thought I heard them in the washer. I stopped the washer and fished around for them. I could not find them even in the wet clothes. I contemplated calling my mom and dad to tell them they would need to bring G home or I had to wait until the clothes were done. This probably only took about 15 mins but felt like an hour. I walked back to the front door and low and behold I found the keys in the floor where I dropped them in the first place. Where I had even looked 4 different times during my search.

I am either a) losing my mind and memory or b) losing my eye sight. It isn't like my keys are small and that they don't have a neon pink purell container on them. How in the world I couldn't locate them was beyond puzzling. Then for the next 10 mins my arm was cold from the washer.

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crazylady said...

definately a)
with whispers of b)
I could add c) if you want?