Sunday, May 06, 2007

FFFF Challenge At Double Happiness

This week's challenge is "No" as in "Don't do that" or in off limits for the kiddos. Other than jumping on the bed, which I do have pics of, there aren't many other off limit things for G.

Here are two things she did that were no-nos. The first pic she wouldn't let me put on her diaper for her. She demanded to do it herself after I said "No" several times. Well, this is the result of the self diapering.

The next one is after fixing dinner for both of us, she decided she wanted my dinner, not the one I fixed for her. She enjoyed eating all of my dinner and thought it was really funny.

3 comments: said...

Too darn cute! She is just like my Katie who has to do everything herself!

crazylady said...

Eating at the table,....seated on a chair? How civilized. Must try that with my pygmees. You must be from the upper echellons of society. See, I can't even spell eschellons.

tegdirb92 said...

very cute!! Enjoy all of those memories :)