Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gardening with G

Weekend before last, G and I planted some poppy seeds*. I wasn't sure they would grow. I drew a straight line in the dirt and let her drop the seeds in. Well these photos are each end of the line I drew. See how the seeds have congregated to one side. I tried to explain the concept of even or straight to no avail. But when they grow and bloom they will be pretty and hopefully re-seed themselves for next year.

*We planed red poppy seeds and a California mix of shades of orange.


crazylady said...

FYI growing red opium poppies in your yard classifies as narcotic possession. I kid you not. Hope you don't have pissed off neighbours..
Mine are hidden. tee hee.
Check your bylaws. Go figure..and us Canadians are supposed to be so laxed with the dope. said...

Oh, man, oh man... hopefully you will only be enjoying them for the fragrance and nothing more.... ha ha.


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

poppies are my favorite!