Thursday, May 24, 2007

I need to preface this... saying that I am not an English teacher, nor am I a proof reader. I didn't do badly in English classes, though. So my "nails on the chalkboard" experiences usually revolve around poor grammar usage. (Personal blogs and journals are excluded from this rant because we are all too busy chasing kids to care.) Well, literal nails on a chalk board get me too.

I never ever like to hear someone use "I" as an object pronoun, EVER. It happens more and more these days. "I" should always be used as a subject. A poor usage example would be: "Jim gave this to Cole and I." Okay, no he didn't. He gave it to Cole and "me". "ME" "ME" should be used there. This incorrect usage I have attributed to ignorant people trying to sound smart.

Here is another grammatical error that drives me absolutely bonkers-the improper use of "a" and "an". "An" precedes nouns or words with a vowel or vowel sound, like "an hour". "A" precedes words with a consonant sound like "a movie".

So here is the reason for this post. Every day when I leave to go to my car I see a sentence written by vandals that gives my spine a chill. "Tony is a (sic) asshole." I am tempted every day to add the "n" to the sentence. It literally drives me nuts. If you are going to vandalize and publicly display your words, please use them correctly. I don't know if Tony is an a**hole or not, so I will not add the "n". I just wish someone would correct the statement or paint over it!!!

Oh and I never correct someone other than in my head. It is truly impolite to do so. I just let people run around sounding stupid.


LaLa said...

Saw you post on Molly's blog and thought I would pop on over. I am a former English teacher and my pet peeve is the misuse of good and well. Drives me nuts. Oh, and like you said blogs are excluded as I never have time to proofread and frankly don't care LOL

You know if you added the n you would get caught and you'd be the one in jail. No Fair!!

Rod said...

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True, true. I do agree...... blogs should never be counted. ha ha. Rony

kris said...

You and I share the same pet peeve!! You know how I was taught not to say "you and I" (or anything and I) at the end of a sentence? Take out the "you and" and say it again. Would you say "It's not the same for I"? No!
It's not the same for (you and) me!

crazylady said...

Oh man, is it that time of the month for you and I? :o)

Melissa said...

You just posted on my blog but couldn't find an email address for you. I am interested in the allergy med you mentioned. Your daughter is beautiful.