Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Now you know...

She did it again. This time it is to find out 7 things about me that has not already been published. So here goes:

1) Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music are my most favorite movies. I have always disliked Wizard of OZ!!(afraid of the flying monkeys)

2) I am a terrible house keeper. I hate cleaning because it is never ending! I prefer working in the yard. Why should I have to sweep again when I already did it once? Same for laundry. I am also a pack rat that doesn't lend a helping hand to cleaning.

3) I had my midlife crisis at 24. I appear to be having another.

4) I want to live in a foreign country teaching ESL but am too in debt to do so and too lazy to volunteer around me. (I was certified to teach at one time.)

5) I grew up wanting 6 children. Yes some of them adopted but def. wanted twins. (Rony and Senja, please don't spoil it for me, I know it would be more than difficult). I always wanted twins.

6) I drink well over 40 ozs of coffee a day but it must be flavored with vanilla creamer. My favorite purchased coffee is a vanilla breve latte or a vanilla latte w/skim milk. All the way on anything I do. (Great coffee place near me is High Point Coffee.)

7) My favorite band is REO Speedwagon. My music taste is very eclectic however.

Now I am to tag 7 bloggers for this meme? Most of the bloggers I would tag are not blogging anymore and the rest have been tagged. So let's see:

Alison living the single mom thing in Florida.
Tiffany living and loving being Eliza's mom.
Julie currently living the high life of being Tess's mom.
Melissa living in the bask of referral news and waiting to go to China.
Linda currently living in the TA wait for her newest daughter.


crazylady said...

Afraid of some flying monkeys? Wusswagon. Speaking of wagons, REO?
Isn't that, well 80s ish?
We won't go there with the six kiddies and twins. I'm the poster child for why that seems better in theory.
Every decade should have a crises. Why are we restricted to just mid life?
I sense some loathing in the way, you write SHE did it to me. Cool.

kris said...

I love these memes where you get a snapshot of a person's personality. Very cool. God I haven't listened to REO since jr. high! That brought back some memories.