Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We have pandas in our zoo. While in China we had an opportunity to go see them. Since we had them in our zoo and we had better plans like the Hutong tour we opted out of the pandas. These photos are of the pandas from this past Saturday.

They have been in our zoo for awhile and the first time I saw the Giant Pandas was actually in San Diego before Glenys came home. After Glenys came home, we came to the zoo. That was Aug. 2005. The first time Glenys saw pandas was in the US not her home country with me her new Mama!! When we would go to the zoo after that I would take her straight to the pandas. She began calling the pandas, zooas. She doesn't do that any longer. Anyhoo, mostly the pandas are either eating or sleeping. This was the most active I had seen them.

Pandas in any zoo are only on loan or rent as it is from China. Even the babies produced in other zoos are owned by China. It is spectacular that our zoo has them for they aren't cheap. There is now a panda watch for a possible baby. This is actually more location information than I wanted on the blog but the pandas are cute. Funny thing when I saw the first giant pandas I was somewhat disappointed. They are not giant by any means. Polar bears are bigger. We have those too. We have red pandas housed in the cat country. I believe red pandas are also from China. Anyway, meet our pandas. I am not sure which one this is. I don't remember names well. Cheers.

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insanemomma said...

Girly, I've got to check in here more frequently! A possible prego?!?!? Baby panda... How cute.