Saturday, May 19, 2007

Recap of May 19, 2007- Anniversary of a Finding Day

This finding day started at the coffee shop then on to Build a Bear and the donation on behalf of foster kids around the world. This is G at the coffee shop and next photo is of her test hugging the bear she made. Beside her is her China sister Zoie Li who happens to be 6 months younger than G and not afraid of a thing.

This pic is G dropping hers in the box.

Then I allowed her to "find" her own bear. She chose a black bear like at the zoo. This is her giving it a "bath". She enjoyed this and is laughing in the pic.

Then we went to see the butterflies at the zoo. is posing not so happily at the pool in the butterfly house.

We even got to see a boa constrictor out on a walk with two of the zoo keepers. G wouldn't touch it and neither would I. This photo does not do it justice. It was very large.

This is G and her finished bear. She doesn't name her animals so i named this bear Bao Jiang. This bear was given the name G was given on her finding day and part of the name we kept. We don't really know what gender bear is because at first she wanted it to be a him then she wanted it to be a girl named boy.

This is me and G in the Northwest Passage at the zoo. We had a friend along who took the pic for me.
And yes Senja you can see my teeth.

We ended the day at the coffee shop like it began, then home with a nap, a short one, and a viewing of the Lion King and the Aristocats. G has been working all of her puzzles too. Goodnight and remember to pray for all the children who are finding themselves without forever families.


A Special Family said...

Definately praying for that one!
Glad you both had a good day! said...

Love the glasses!!!

Rhonda said...

Happy anniversary! I don't blame her for not touching that snake. You wouldn't get me near it either.

crazylady said...

You're gonna have to pay for my hypnosis, if you keep up the snake posts. I'm phobic, and uninterested in taming my inner beast. That is one looooonggg ugleee
boa. As if there was any other kind?
Happy anniversary. So how many parties planned for this event? 12?

Beverly said...

Yes Crazylady,
festivities begin tomorrow with referral anniversary!!