Sunday, May 27, 2007

This is how our wonderful weekend ended...

Yes that is G's knee. We attended a Member's Event at the zoo that allowed people to play in the water. The water is a replica of the Nile river into a large fountain area. Millions of kids and parents, naked babies, swim diapers etc all in this water.

Well G was in the Nile river part which was very very shallow. We had already been at the zoo 2 hours and she had been in the water about 30 or more minutes. So she was walking over a rock wall in the water and stepped into a light well. Because it was deeper and she had gotten distracted by a man who splashed her, she fell. She gashed her knee really badly. It is not bad enough for stitches but it bled and she cried. Oh how she cried. I knew it hurt her. She just shivered uncontrollably.

We went for first aid at the zoo. They doctored the wound, took an incident report and we left. They are the ones to put this very large bandage on it. She absolutely doesn't like band aids for any reason especially not big ones.

Did I mention that G cried? She was hysterical. When Grammie and I changed the bandage and added more medicine on it, it started bleeding again. Of course the water at the zoo is not clean after all the kids etc. have played in it. She is also a drama queen and can no longer walk, needs to be carried everywhere now. When I called to tell Grammie we were on our way home, G just wanted to know if Grammie was "so sad" about her knee.

Did I mention the man splashing everyone? At first I thought he was with someone but then I discovered during one of the Nile walks that G and I took that he was just splashing people in his line of sight. He splashed me. I wasn't even in a bathing suit just regular shorts and t-shirt. The water came up to mid calf. I even watched him splash at G right before she fell and he missed her the first time. But as she started over the rocks he splashed harder and she looked up at him as she stepped off just when the water hit her unexpectedly. Poor M, my niece, got to her first and got her out of the water handing her to me but she was already hysterical. Oh the mention of needing a band aid set her off louder. M doesn't handle children being upset like that.

As a reward she is getting to spend the night with Grammie, Grandad, M and C. Did I mention she is a drama queen? As Grammie and I were doctoring her wound before putting her jamas on, she was crying and showing us her real tears on her face. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Here is a photo of M, G, and C at the Panda exhibit before playing in the water. Much happier time, don't you think?


kris said...

Poor Glenys... and I think I might have been tempted to hunt that man down had I not been rushing to first aid for my girl... so wrong... what the heck did he do after she started crying and was he around to see the blood? said...

Holy Shit! I was crying for her too. OMG. Who was that crazed effen idiot. Man oh man I would have been so upset. I'm upset just reading about your little Glenys.... Big hugs...


crazylady said...

Oh man, turn my back on you for one second, and this gets posted. Good G_d girl, so sorry to hear about my wee Glenny getting injured!
Hope you can manage the bandage changes...the zoo doc has NO clue how to bandage does he? Keep the wound clean and dry. Keep child happy with more chocolate.
Give us the update.
p.s mortimers mom link is wrong

Christi said...

so sorry about her knee! read your comment on my blog about the ladybug blanket...Abbey's most prized posession, inseperable. My got it from my secret pal during the wait. She made it and embroidered Abbey's name on it. Here's her blog if you want to find out about the fabric.