Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who I am? A Blonde

Okay so I have to tell on myself, because I just can't not. I am a true blonde everywhere. I am clumsy and accident prone. Mostly I hurt myself but I have been known to hurt others. Specifically, my dog, yesterday morning as I was trying to bring a little beauty in from my peony bush, I caught the dog's leg between the bottom of the glass door and the concrete step. I opened the door with her sitting there wanting to go in. I got distracted and pulled too quickly not letting her get out of the way. I felt it and heard her yelp. Then she just shivered. The thing is, her leg that was caught is the same one that was broken as a puppy so it has screws and metal plates in it. I felt terrible and we were late to school and work because of it. I had to medicate her with 2 aspirin. Poor baby.

The other thing I am notorious for is locking the keys in the car or locking myself out of my house. I don't do it with my own vehicle since it has a cool key pad which I have forgotten the code on before. Come to think of it I am not sure where I have it written and thinking about it is making me panic that I have forgotten it, must check that out in a sec.

So back to my notoriety, I have had the fire truck called on me for locking the keys in the car. I have had my dad stop what he is doing to come rescue me in the bank parking lot only to discover the back door wasn't locked anyway; so like any good daughter who has already sent the SOS out I locked it too and waited.

Okay so Saturday I was driving my mom's car, you can see where this is going, and we were at our last stop. As we put the groceries in the trunk of the car I somehow laid the keys down without opening the other doors first. So there we are and the keys are locked in the trunk and there we are. We call my dad who was keeping my sick child (they were playing in the dirt outside) and he and she came to our rescue. G actually fell asleep in the car on the way there. Thankfully, the market parking lot is only a 15 min drive from my parent’s house. The bad thing was we had frozen meat and food in the trunk that needed to get put up.

I am only writing this, because I can't not tell on myself. I have trained for 4 marathons and completed 2. The last marathon I trained for I couldn't run due to a stress fracture. I fell several times while running and my knees are a testament to my inability to stay vertical even totally sober. I am not even a fast runner so not sure why I fell so much. I guess I get distracted. I am also extremely bored today due to an uncooperative computer program and no tech support.


crazylady said...

Living out loud is great isn't it? Life and sh*t happens. You aren't ever alone. Thankfully we all have people who bail us out on occassion.
I am SO envious that you have done 2 marathons. That is on my life plan, though Faithful Man scoffs at me. I make him drive around a mall parking lot stalking the closest spot, layyyzzeeee! But I will make it happen. GREAT post. You can laugh at it all now?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you should read Steffie's blog...has the avatar of a little red Christmas ball ornament...can get to her blog by clicking on one of her comments on my blog (since I can't remember her actual blog address right off the top of my head!)...but, anyway, reading her recent post about her own forgetfulness would make you feel better! You and she seem to be on the same wave-length just now!