Friday, June 29, 2007

8 facts meme

Kim over at mamasladybug tagged me for an 8 facts meme. I am supposed to list 8 unknown facts about me and then tag 8 people. I am not sure I know 8 bloggers willing to participate but I will give it a shot.

1) I am a bit OCD. I never purchase just one thing when I shop like shampoo, deoderant/antiperspirant, makeup etc. I stock up no matter the cost (credit card). I can't feel that I am going to run out of something.

2) I have one dog and two cats. All are neurotic in their own ways.

3) I am an acne sufferer and have been since before 3rd grade. Pro*ac*tive doesn't work for me. Related to that I have stinky feet even in flip flops. Has something to do with skin not sloughing off properly according to the Prs*ac*tive literatureI read.

4) I love vanilla flavor and white chocolate. I almost love anything with no nutritional value. I love celery and dry egg noodles. I learned to love lettuce on sandwiches because I liked to hear the crunch. If I didn't have lettuce for a sandwich I would put lays potato chips on it.

5) I am the most picky eater. I hate seafood of any kind. I love Asian foods though. I dislike true Mexican foods. I love Greek foods. None of the foods I like were ever made by my mom. I do not have the same food tastes as my immediate family.

6) I hate going to weddings and will not do so unless it is a close relative.

7) I have a useless master's degree and 30 hours toward a doctorate that also would have been useless at least in the field I was pursuing. I prefer computers to people as far as working with them.

8) As I get older the more being in large groups makes me uncomfortable. I don't like parking lots full of cars or being in lines of traffic esp if it is not moving.

I have a list to tag but will have to do so later.


kris said...

I'm sad about your degree.... that's a lot of education woman!
Stalled traffic bites. I get almost claustrophobic from the lack of movement. said...

I hate traffic jams and the older I get I hate crowded rooms. I'm most comfortable in my own living room with my family.

crazylady said...

I'll mail you some white melted chocolate.

I hate weddings. Amen, you can now divorce the bride. I hated my own wedding enough to spare everyone the gorry details.