Friday, June 08, 2007

Bed time Routine

Every night after we brush our teeth we floss as you should. I floss G's teeth with the kid's floss not a string floss.

Some things I really didn't want G to know how to do at this age. My mom on the other hand says let her practice and do for herself.

The problem with that is G thinks she does such a good job that I don't need to go behind her.

Flossing is no exception neither is cleaning the "toyette" or her room. She gets terribly offended if I try to floss her teeth after her attempt.

Anyway, I relented one night and gave her the "hot" floss (mint flavor) that "tastes wike gum, mama." She flossed and then she went and jumped on the bed.


kris said...

Teach me how to do this for my kid, my parents could never get their hands in my mouth!! said...

Oh, is that the trick to get them to bed earlier? Floss? Who would have thought?! I might be trying this!


Cherith said...

Aw, adorable pics! She is a cutie pie! My kids get very offended when I have to finish up their tooth work for them. Isn't it nice to know that they are all normal? (I am just assuming that since they all do the same things, it must be normal behavior for their age.)

crazylady said...

I have visions of tampon strings.
Flossing S&D. I was so proud of the brushing thang, and now you raise the bar.