Monday, June 25, 2007

FFFF Challenge-Cowgirl

This week's challenge is cowgirl. We don't have cowgirl outfits and the pics of G riding the wonder horse are no where to be found. I have printed copies but no scanner. So here is the closest I can get: G riding my cousin's "horsie" (8/2005), with me and a real horse (10/06) and last riding a zebra at the zoo (5/2007).


crazylady said...

The leg humping is not unlike my labrador as a puppy.
Odd, for a country family, we have no western pics to post for the challenge!
Yippee I-yay to my little Gwenwis. said...

My Maggie still does the "humping" and she is not a puppy! Someone please tell me when they stop doing this.