Tuesday, June 19, 2007


On the need to wash her blankie:

"I jus needda wuv on my bwankie jus a widdle bit."
"We can wash it wader."

On fixing her hair in the morning:

"Oh, my hair is not helping me."

On just about anything she does:

"You dent (didn't) know I could..." or just plain, "You dent know."

On waking in the morning as I come to get her out of bed:

me: "have you been awake long?"
G: "Yes, and you dent come get me."

On anything I won't let her do:

"Well, well, my gammie/dandad will yet (let) me do it."

On me playing on the computer and her wanting to:

G: "I wanna e-mail somebody."
me: "Who do you want to e-mail?"
G: "Gammie, I tell her she my favorite and she my best fwiend."

On going for a walk:

"Can we take a walkin' when we go home?"

On the distance to Grammie's house:

"Gammie wievs a fa fa away." (Grammie lives a far far away.)

On her bear that slept with her last night:

"Mama, come heerow, I wanna show you sumbin'. Dat bear no did bite me."


Diana said...

That is the cutest dialogue I have read today. Thanks for sharing, you know a video of the little Glenys would be so cute! HINT

crazylady said...

i wuv dis stuff

LaLa said...

Love how their little minds work : )

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Just found your comment. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Too too cute.


Stephanie V said...


theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Tooo cute. Love her.