Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guess whom we met last night?

DORA THE EXPLORER. Of course we didn't like her at all.

We only like her in the "TB." We don't like her big, therefore no pictures with Dora.


kris said...

Well, maybe SOMEDAY she'll do a photo with Dora... :O)

Diana said...

OMG that is NOT Dora, that is her evil, twisted twin! She is darn scary looking.

My girls love their stuffed Dora doll but hate their plastic Dora's. Actually they hate all baby dolls of any sort right now. They will only play with stuffed stuff.

crazylady said...

That isn't Dora, that's street Dora on crack.
Our kiddo despise dolls. (dogs are not dolls)

Kim said...

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Kim Y
LID 3/29/07 for Megan Jean
Ladybug Kreations

:: Suzanne :: said...


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Suzanne said...

My girls hug their Dora toothbrushes but that Dora is scary!