Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not much better last night

Maybe tonight it will be better. Last night there was no reason to still be awake at 10:30pm, but she was. We were in the bed with the light off by 9:15pm. No nose bleeds, no itchy bites, no discomfort of any reason I could find. But she stayed awake. She talked, whispered, wiggled, moved, flipped, flopped, etc. At 9:45pm she tells me she got time out in school for running. At 10:15pm she tells me Ms. wawa (Ms. Laura) got on to her for running. At 10:20something she tells me about a new Ms. Allison not Maddie's mom and not Ms. Allison with "soockers in her room." At 10:30pm she was crying from the tired momma spanking on her bottom through the covers and at 10:31pm she stopped crying from the tired momma threat of "I will spank again if you don't stop crying now." She was finally still and asleep at 10:45pm. An hour and 30 mins after lights were out.

There are three things you cannot force a child to do: go potty, swallow food and go to sleep. All necessary bodily functions. You will lose the battle every time. I haven't made her bed up yet so I couldn't very well make her go stay awake there, although I threatened. That is just lazy on my part. "Tired again. Tired again. Lawd almighty I is tired again." This is my mantra for the week.

By the way have I told you my kiddo is a song writer? I think this one will be a hit.

"mamma mamma maaaaammmmaaaa,
mamma mamma maaaaammmmaaa,"
(second vs. same as the first)

Now I know why my own mom threatened to change her name.

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Oh, I hear you on this and so agree with you!!! Abbey did go to sleep tonight with only 15 minutes of crying!