Monday, June 18, 2007


Nada, Zip and Zilch.

That is exactly what I have to write about today. Sorry. Seems G and I got back into the bad bedtime routine of staying up too late last night. At least she is going to sleep when the lights are out.

We have now watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at least 3 times. I have to hold my hand over her eyes when the bad parts come on. She even asks about where that "mother-step" is. She told me this morning she was on top of our house. My child has a wonderful imagination.

She got 3 mosquito bites yesterday while playing with the water hose beside the pool. Notice I did not say "while in the pool"? She and Grandad played outside of the pool while I read my book. Poor baby, we did doctor the spots really well but at that time we thought it was only 2 bites. This morning I saw the third bite right at the base of where her suit would be under her arm. No wonder I didn't see it.

Happy belated father's day to all dads everywhere. G's daycare made father's day gifts. G made them for her Grandad. He was super proud.

2 comments: said...

I got all bit up today by the big ole deer flies! Ouch!

crazylady said...

Nothing to write about, no worries. I like listening to you breathe. Call it a fetish.