Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Okay, I WON the WAR

but I lost several of the mini battles. After I posted I thought I could calm her down by offering to rock her. So I went in her room and told her I would rock her to sleep. She didn't want that; she only wanted to go sleep in my bed. It is amazing how her anger makes her feel so heavy. After much more crying she understood that I would rock her and that was better than sleeping in her own bed. So when she was asleep, I walked her to her room, laid her down, and she popped up crying. So I held her again and with the swaying thing and then attempted to lay her down two more times. She popped up each time with tears. Then when I laid her down for the last time she turned over to go to sleep but as I walked out she cried again asking that I pat her bottom. So I did and she finally went to sleep for good.

Then I crawled in bed at 10pm (1 hour and half after the original time) thinking about the evening and realizing that every time she cried I did something that she asked me to do. Ultimately the goal was to get her to sleep in her own bed so we both would get some sleep. In between it though I would pick her up each time she cried because she didn't want to sleep in her bed. So I guess it stands at 1 major victory--MAMA and all small controlling victories--G. See I knew she was too smart for me.

I was asleep for exactly 1 hour and 1/2 when the storm came through that woke me up. The power had gone off and I woke up when it came back on. All the clocks were blinking 12:00. I was having a good dream of which I can't remember now. The dog and one of the cats were getting hysterical because neither like the storms. So sleep was a wash yesterday totally.


crazylady said...

pave the path of least resistance. There are many tempests blowing your way.
Children are clever. Hate that.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

I was thinking the same thing Sen said. Children are little schemers too.... Don't let them fool you for a minute. They know what they do.