Friday, June 22, 2007

Pics of my girl

Playing with the shaving cream. She just got silly and started putting it all over her.

Ready for school this morning. You can't really see it but she has a pony tale that is laying on the back of the chair. She is also in a mini skirt that is too big in the waist but we didn't have clean shorts today. She is in her fav. panda shirt.
I love the smiles in all of the pics. Makes last night and this morning sort of worth it. She ended up sleeping with me last night because she had a bad dream and was crying hysterically. The deal was I put her to bed and told her that I would move her after she fell asleep to my bed. Well, I got my shower and did some maintenance things around the room and then headed to check on her. Before I got to her door I heard her. When I opened the door she was wet from sweat and tears. She had cried a dollar bill size spot on her pillow and her blanket was sopping wet from holding it at her mouth as she cried.
I said, "What's wrong?" She said she had a bad dream. Well since she wasn't asleep she really only had a bad imagination. So I relented and allowed her to sleep with me. So as the lights were off I asked her what she dreamed about. She said, "A bad dream." I asked again what this bad dream was about. She said, "It was wheelie not a good dream." So there you have it. Her bad dream was not a good dream.
This morning she woke up before the alarm. I told her I was sleeping until the alarm went off. At 5 mins until, I feel her rubbing my face with her blanket. I woke up very mad, then the alarm went off.

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Cherith said...

She is utterly adorable in those pictures. I am so sorry that she is having such a hard time sleeping. Will she sleep on the floor in your room so that she at least is not in your bed? We had to do this with the boys for a while, they have always had a hard time at night. {{hugs}}