Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Here are some pics of our getting ready for bed last night, or at least G. These were taken with my video camera and the quality is not so good. It has a very slow shutter speed and I can't take consecutive pics quickly. So even though some are blurred they are still okay.

She has learned to comb her hair from watching me. I am trying to teach her to comb her hair the way her hair grows, which is clockwise.

This is my girl on the go.

G loves to look at herself in the camera. This time she said, "Dat Dennis bite me on da pinger." She can't say "Gl" well yet.


crazylady said...

all I see are breakables. Oy.
Must go lie down now.
love the lips said...

Love the one of her with her lip sticking out! Cute.


kris said...

Such a cutie pa-tootie.