Friday, June 15, 2007


This t-shirt G made in class yesterday in VBS (vacation Bible school). G has been so excited every day to bring something home she made from VBS.

She is spending the night with her grammie and grandad so here she is not looking at me but showing me the tattoo on her hand from VBS and holding her suitcase. She pulled it from the closet and packed it. She wheeled it into her class even so Grandad can pick it up with her. She is just such a big girl. It makes me sad and happy all at once.


crazylady said...

why is the couch covered in plastic, and why is there a trampoline in the room?
G is piggytail perfect. Glad she is not in plastic.

Cherith said...

Ok, that is adorable. The boys are going to VBS for the very first time in late June. I really hope they have fun and I REALLY hope they will actually stay without tears. She is adorable as usual. said...

Isn't it fun to see how they blossom and become so creative?! Why is the couch covered in plastic??