Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am going through my yahoo group postings for a special "gotcha" anniversary on this blog. What fun to read what I wrote then and compare notes to now. Anyway I am reading up to January 25, 2006. This was at 6 months post Gotcha or Family Day and this is one paragraph from that post:

"She is a typical toddler in all areas. She can throw a mean tantrum(one of which I captured on video last night) one minute and be quite fine the next. She can stay awake no matter how tired she is as long as she keeps moving and will do so especially at bedtime. She is back to co-sleeping with me from start to finish because of her ability to stay awake. Oh and she is extremely bossy!!"

Bold was added by me today. This sleeping thing has been going on a long time. She has an incredible ability to stay awake no matter what. Last night she pulled fake tears on me to try and sleep with me. Since I and she knew she was faking, she did go to sleep and slept all night without disturbance in her own bed. No telling though when she actually fell asleep.

Maybe she will continue this sleeping in her own bed for awhile. Night before last she fell apart and said, "But I will miss you!" all in hysterical tears, real tears.



crazylady said...

I'm seeing a new tough side in you. I like it. Bed real estate is hard to buy back.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Be firm momma.

Mrs. Incredible said...

I have never let the kids sleep with us, but I do have a 10 year-old sleeping on my floor tonight, so I can't brag much.

Her stubborn streak will serve her well in life. Maybe she'll have an easy time in college, cramming for exams, since she can stave of sleep like that.