Monday, June 04, 2007

Seven- 7 -SEVEN

That my friends is how many mosquito bites G received in one hour in bed! Last night between 11pm and midnight she was all squirmy and kicking again. I couldn't figure out what was happening then I heard the buzz in my ear. I had no idea a mosquito was in our house. West Nile in prominent in this area of the country, YEA!

I got up and sprayed the room. Yes I prefer poison to itchy bites that make us both grumpy. Then found the bena*dryl cream which helped get her through the night. She did not wake up at all while I did all of this. She just buried her head in the pillows from the light.

This morning I assessed the damage. One arm has 3 bites, the other has 1 bite. One leg has 3 bites right above the Achilles tendon in the fleshy part. WHELPS! That is what they are. WHELPS! Painful at that. Dang I hate mosquitoes and summer!!

I leave you with photos of G and Grammie waiting at the airport for our Aunt Doris and one of G just being silly at the airport.


kris said...

Bug bites suck- (no pun intended!).
Cute pics.

sherri said...

What a cutie you have! Thanks for the link. I'll return the favor!



redmaryjanes said...

I hate mosquitos. The buzz freaks me out and the bites itch for days!!

Diana said...

Oy, that's alot of bites for such a wee one. Poor Glenys...hope she feels better soon and those nasty bites stop itchin' soon.

crazylady said...

you know how I feel about this. BTDT
I'll lend you my tent.