Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sleep update and otherness

G with her most favorite person in the world.

Can you see her smile in the pic. It was hard capturing images of a bouncing child.
G is still managing to stay awake for at least an hour after we go to bed. It doesn't seem to matter if we go to bed early or late. She also ends up in tears from my stern voice. Last night I had it and at 9:50 pm (we were in bed with lights off at 8:51pm, yes I time it) I took her screaming to her bed. 10mins later she was asleep. I read through the screams as I just can't bear to hear her cry so hard and yell for me. At 10:43pm I went to check on the sleeping angel, I covered her up and kissed her telling her how much I love her. At 2:11 am I heard her whimper, "mama." Who could resist. I went to check on her and asked her if she was asleep to which she didn't answer. Then I said, "Do you want to get in mama's bed?" She sat up and grabbed her blanket. She wrapped her arms around me tight, laid her head on my shoulder and held on. We laid down on my bed and she (no kidding) stayed up about an hour (I was too tired to check by then) again. At least she was quiet and not poking on me or saying, "no, ma ma."

This morning she told me, "After I stop crying, I pulled my cover and went to sweep." I said, "I know and I came to check on you and kissed you and told you I loved you." She said, "uh un." She didn't believe me.

I am reading a really good book, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." Originally published in 1943 then in 1947 and again but not until 2005. I wonder how. I saw the movie or at least part of it around Christmas then saw the book in something to order at my mom's. I convinced her to get it because it was like $5. I am really enjoying it.


M3 said...

Cute! I can't resist the "mama" cries either. And don't you just loooooove the head on your shoulder? I melt every time.

crazylady said...

I'll lie in bed and poke you if Glenys needs a night off.

Perrin said...

Oh my gosh, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my all time favorites. I first read it in high school and have probably read it 4 or 5 times. I don't know what it is about that story, but I love it.