Sunday, June 24, 2007

Slow Sunday

Today is a rainy Sunday. We are staying home and enjoying the time together. Earlier we sat on the step and listened to the rain. We were just under enough shelter to not get wet. It is cool outside which is extremely nice since the temps have been in the mid to high 90s. It is hot and humid mostly. Our area is still in drought conditions so any rain we get is wonderful.

We are watching videos/movies. G loves the Richard Scary videos. We have already watched Jungle Book and The Best of Elmo. We have colored and played stickers. We have read many books.

Last night we went to dinner with my parents to a Mexican restaurant in the area. Not my favorite but G really really likes the rice, white cheese dip and lettuce. She is a pretty spicy girl. We don't allow her to have the salsa though because she doesn't understand how to make it stop burning. She won't eat the rice to take away the burn and just cries instead. Found that out the hard way one night.

I have attempted to upload some video but discovered I don't have the DV cord I need. And I am not sure my computer is compatible for a cord even if I purchase one. I may have to take the ole computer in with me to purchase the cord. It is very frustrating to think you have everything you need but then find out you don't. I should be spending the day to organize myself instead I am being lazy ready for a nap.

G wants to type a message:
jhujhhehjehje5jh jegeegtekjgtltgktegkl/getg/ktgketekgekgtetytyy jfrfhrqfh hrfhrqhghghghgqhg rfkrngngvwgkkgkggkgkgkgkkgkngkgkgkgkgkgkggkgkgkjkgjgk ngnjgjngtgtjjgtjtgbjtgjtgjtgjgtjgtjttttjntnjhbbthjnbb ngrngngjngjnjgnnngtngn

She ate cheese and a very few pretzels for lunch. She said she just wanted a snack. Anyway, I am ready for the piddling to stop and us to take a nap.


Beckyb said...

LOVE Glenys' note!! That is a riot!! Have a great day!

kris said...

Tell Glenys I said thank you so much for her message, it was so nice of her to post for all of us!!

Hope your lazy Sunday remains peaceful. Naps while it's raining are the best.

Mrs. Incredible said...

You two are really cute together. Your blog always makes me smile...