Friday, June 15, 2007

Success, well sort of

Last night, without much discussion, after bath, G went to bed in her own bed and actually fell asleep. YEA!! Then I couldn't fall asleep. We were both in bed by 8pm. I read for an hour and checked on her about 9pm. I went to bed again and at 10:11pm I heard her cry for me. I checked on her because I didn't turn the monitor on. When I went in she seemed fine but every time I started to leave she would moan. I thought she was asleep then I heard it.

She was sobbing into her pillow. So I walked toward her and asked if she was crying and she said yes. I picked her up and asked if she had a bad dream and she said yes. I asked what she dreamed and all she could say was, "I dream uggy." Well, see earlier we watched Mulan. The Hun character, Shen Yu, scares her. She calls him the ugly man or in G jargon, the "uggy man." I literally have to hold my hands over her eyes when he threatens to come on.

So I this morning she was very proud of herself going to sleep without me talking mean words to her like, "lay still, quit moving, what are you doing?" I just told her we would try again. Tonight though she is staying with the grandparents. She was so excited and packed her suitcase. I gave her clothes to put in or else it would be bears and blankets only. I will post a pic later today.

I have to head to train some people with "First Thing."

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Cherith said...

Oh, good for both of you!! Sleep battles are THE worst. They always just make you feel SO bad. I am glad that you had a better night, I hope her sleep habits keep improving.