Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tagged for Porch meme by Crazylady

Sadly the house we are living in now doesn't have a porch. It used to but in the rebuilding of it I asked that it be removed to give more space inside. It actually ends up being a catch all room when we walk in the door. The pictures are from this past winter snow and the front of the house. I need to landscape it but alas being broke I don't do much to it. I am planning on getting lilies and some other flowers for the summer for the beds. The other pic is from March with G sitting on the stoop/steps having a picnic playing with bubbles. This was about a month and 20 days from the snow pic.

3 comments: said...

Awwww ,man now you done it! ha ha... More homework.... I'll have to snap a few of the monkeys playing on our front porch (actually have some) so that I'm not booted out of the "club".

Love your fotos-- as usual! Too cute.


crazylady said...

Did you have a seance and remove evil troll in your computer? I am in charge of all your blogs you know. Notice you blog crashes when I am away? Twice now. Neat huh? I don't want to share my best kept secret.
Just because you don't have a porch, doesn't mean I can't use this photo to locate you! Your home is beautiful and I'd sit on your stoop with Gwenny any day sipping lemonade. Might even pay her for it.

Chinazhoumom said...

ok - just saw the tag to c & t - sorry - but I guess I am exempt - as I have no front porch - just an entrance way - then door - but the house I grew up in had a BIG proch - which grew smaller the older I got...funny how that happens...I used to make forts and play out there all of the time - ah to be a kid again - NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!