Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thought it would be a good night

Last night we were in the bed ready for sleep at, get this, 9pm. Unbelievable. Since last Thursday we haven't actually been in bed by 9pm. I should have known something was up.

G still itching from one of the notorious 7 bites, can't get still enough to relax and sleep. I suggested bactine to stop the itching. She agreed. I get out of bed, get the bactine, all the while not looking at G' face and sprayed her leg. I put the bactine on the table next to the bed and looked at G. Her nose is bleeding and it has dripped on her pjs already. WTF?

So I grab a kleenex to wipe it and rush to get a wash cloth and the phone. Yes the phone, didn't you know? I called Grammie and Grandad who both answer and give totally contradicting advice. My dad was wrong? How in the world?

Let me just say that as far as my immediate family is concerned I don't believe we have ever had a nose bleed. I can't remember one and apparently neither could my parents.

So I get G to lay across my lap with her head back, as mom and I strategies over the stopping of the blood. For being as afraid of band aids as G is, blood is no big thang!

To me, however, I get woozie (proper medical term or should be) from blood of any type especially my own and G's. G on the other hand keeps popping her head up to talk to me and then proceeds to attempt to play "stinky feet". Grammie can hear her talking and laughs at the antics. I tell G we are not playing "stinky feet" (which consists of G shoving her foot in my nose and me proclaiming, "shoowwee stinky feet") and tell her to quit popping her head up. She says, "Later, can we play stinky peet?"

So after getting off the phone with Grammie, who suggests the booboo bunny, I go rinse the wash cloth out in the bathroom. I have left G to hold said bunny on her nose in the on-her-back-head-slightly-tilted-back position. Much to my surprise I see the shadow bouncing on the bed. WTF? I said, "No jumping on the bed."

G says, "I not."

I said, "I saw you." She goes, "Well, well I not now" (in her sing song voice).

So needless to say after the traumatising event we were back in the bed with the light off at, drum roll please... 10pm. G fell asleep around 11 again and I, well lets just say I slept lighter listening to the imagined blood gurgling down the back of her throat choking her.

You know the stuff you buy to take to China that is totally useless? Well, it wasn't so useless last night. I purchased Ayr saline/nasal gel to keep noses moist because some well meaning person told me the planes will dry your nose out. Whatever I was thinking was way off. I had flown to lots of places before China and never really had that so why did I think it would happen going to China? Anyway, I found the stuff and squirted it up her nose before turning the light off. She sneezed several times but as far as I could tell this morning, she didn't bleed again last night.

I knew having a kid would alter my sleep patterns but I really didn't think the alteration would happen for so many days in a row after being home almost 2 years. I need a nap. Sadly, work doesn't accept nap time as a legitimate business expense.


crazylady said...

I am your personal horror story sympathizer. Again, the blood never stops shedding here. We have a good day if Meg and Jazz DONT have a nose bleed. I will write about one night in particular, the 'hemmorhage'.
Sorry you have to go through that alone at night. It is scary.
Trust me, all bleeding ends eventually...I'm in the blood business.
Freezies work well with kids to cool the palate, and therefore the nasal bloodvessels. Our kids freak out when they bleed, so I let the blood drip while they settle down and then ice the face and hold their nose with kleenex. Crying hard makes the blood squirt. That's probably too graphic for someone who is woozie.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Umm, my Katie has had nose bleeds since day one. (no we do not hit her). We have tried everything too. Bought a humidifier, of course had the opposite effect on Abbey. She had near pneumonia due to too much moisture in the room. Fortunately for us it's summer time and we haven't experienced too many nose bleeds with the extreme heat.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Let me know when the restful nights start. We experienced night three (yeah--can you believe that?) of another hellish night. I'm so tired I just follow my ass! Seriously....


A Special Family said...

sounds awful, glad she is fine now!
I don't know how you do it Beverly with Glenys up so late, when I was a foster mama my little ones were in bed at 7:30! lol I phoned my friend today at 6:30 and her 2 and 5 year old were heading upstairs for stories! lol
Nose bleeds are scary, sounds like you did great!
re the question, do you want me to email my answer?

A Special Family said...

p.s. my comment wasn't a criticism (hope it didn't come over that way) more an amazement at how well you balance everything!!!

crazylady said...

This will cheer you up. Emma bug back at it. :) yeeee hawwwww