Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Update on the Dad

My dad had prostate cancer and it was removed on May 1. He returned to work on June 6th full time. He never even did that slow work into full time. He just went and stayed all day. The reason he wasn't in the pool at my uncle's house Friday is because of his surgery or maybe the remnants of it. He still doesn't talk about it and the first thing he does after coming home from a drive is go straight to the potty. He can pick G up in a pinch but still is not supposed to be picking up really heavy things. He used baby diapers instead of the large depends and it isn't at all noticeable. I think it is pretty ingenious and less costly.

All in all he is back in really good health. Mentally he was falling into depression for not being able to do as much as he thought he should be doing as quickly as he wanted. He still is walking to the post office about 1/2 mile from the house even on Saturday morning in the almost 90 degree weather. He has always been lean and always became leaner in the summer months. Literally he plumps up in the winter and loses it in the summer. I think he is too thin but what do I know? I can see my cheeks looking forward. His shoulders, though, look very gaunt and well, bony. He doesn't have a body image of any sort.

So thanks again for the well wishes and good thoughts or prayers.


A Special Family said...

Hoping he recovers fully soon...

crazylady said...

it's a long haul getting over that.
Denial hides what repression leaks.
Thanks for the update on daddyO

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Nothing like jumping back into it! I hope it's not too soon.