Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Recap

We are expecting a panda baby now. See the expectant mom here.

Also here is one of the best pics I have gotten of the baby giraffe. As you can see we went to the zoo this weekend.

Cranberry the polar bear has returned from her hospital stay after a fall from the cliff and we are very glad to see her. She has been in the hospital since Feb. Here she is swimming after feeding time.

It is late and I will post photos of the girl tomorrow.
Night everybody,

Here is a message from G:


kris said...

Tell Glenys I said: @*hIL98[>a

hehe. Hope you got good sleep!

Cindy from central NC said...

Hi Beverly,
Just reading through your posts. What a terrific blog you have. Looks like you have a real sweetie-pie daughter, too! :)


crazylady said...

Think I'll take Meg and Jazz to city zoo/farm. I told you you're inspiring.
No panda, giraffes or polar bears though hmmm.... sheep, a cow, and if we stand still enough maybe dis-shovelled squirrel.

Can't be picky.