Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Recap

We have been very busy this weekend. G is a water bug but won't put her head in the water yet. She loves the pool. My aunt is visiting from California and when out of town relatives come in there are family reunions. So my dad's brother (my uncle) hosted our family at his house on Friday night. He and his wife have a very nice pool. I don't have a bathing suit and won't probably get one until G and I can start running. So I borrowed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from my uncle so G could go swimming. She had a blast and didn't want to get out of the water.

My uncle's wife has her brother staying with them temporarily. After the formalities of introductions were over we sat down to supper. G got up from the table and went over to this man and introduced herself to him. Then patted his arm and talked to him. You have to understand this is exceptional for G as she doesn't go to anyone willingly. Mom and I figured out that this man didn't acknowledge her presence. My great-aunt who was also there just wanted to hold G but G wouldn't have anything to do with her. I hope she won't grow up to be a chaser!!

She spent the night with Grammie and Grandad Friday and Saturday night. I came for "beckwest" each morning. Saturday G went from PJs to swim suit to PJs to swim suit all day long. She has awading pool at Grammie's house now. It was nice to sit with her dangling feet in the water Sat.

Sunday we headed down to Mississippi for a M-side family reunion. This is held at my dad's first cousin's house. He is the ultimate grandad. He has a Dora talking kitchen in his living room. He is also the ultimate bachelor thus the decor in his house yells loudly and proudly. He also has a trampoline and a t-ball type practice thing. G loved the trampoline. She had to initially hold Grandad's hand and every now and again she would strike out on her own but stayed close to Grandad.

Before we left she bemoaned the fact that she had not gotten to play with the toys in the house yet. I told her she would have to wait until next year. You see after she warmed up she totally played outside but wasn't ready to go when we did. She is so standoffish except to people who totally ignore her.

When we left my parent's house last night, G fell asleep in the car. I thought I could move her in and get a shower without her waking up. I was wrong. We ended up going to bed, sans shower, at 8:21pm. She fell asleep 1 hour and 45 mins later. I was dying as I didn't get a nap yesterday. I was sooooo tired and she kept herself awake. I was not a happy mom!! Good thing we stared at 8:21 and not 9:21 which is our normal or close to normal bed time.

BTW: I hate, hate going to bed without a shower. I itched and felt gross all night long.


Diana said...

Sounds like a great weekend with the wee one. She is getting so cute and grown up looking. Definitely looks like a candidate for dust ruffles. Did you get my e-mail? Had a slight computer glitch so I wasn't sure if it ended up in cyperspace or at your place? said...

Bathing suit? Does it count if it was made in the 20's? Big bloomers down to the knees. Oh how I hate bathing suit weather anymore...


crazylady said...

How is Papa Chicklet btw?

MKBookWorks said...

How utterly adorable!! What a little sweetie you have!

EFP's Mom

crazylady said...

You know I meant your dad right?

And it's okay to take a cold shower before retiring. Calms the hot flashes. :o)