Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How Old Are We, Anyway?

I mean come on. Here is the scenario at First Thing: I am waiting behind two successive people to use the one female toilet. After literally watching two people in succession leave the bathroom, I go in. As I place myself in position I look up at the toilet paper roll as I am wont to do and notice that there is one, 1!, square on the roll.

That is not even enough according to freak artist Cheryl*Crow. She consents to allowing two squares a person. But here is the thing, we are all over the age of 20 working here. The majority of women and men are married. We all live on our own.

One of those women who walked out of the bathroom decided that since one square of paper was on the roll it didn't need to be changed. I saw both women and know who used the bathroom before me. They both saw me at some point so why is there not great embarrassment at the lack of consciousness and courtesy to change the friggin roll!!!

Now it could have been the first woman which means number two drip dried. More than likely it was number two though. And why not use the last piece of toilet paper. Would one more sheet actually have been too thick? It is industrial paper, not Char*main for gooses sake!! I even met her face to face as she was leaving the b.r. and I was going in and SHE DID NOT EVEN FLINCH in her knowing what she had done. It is one room not even with a stall, just a toilet and a sink. WTF?

If I change the paper it goes on the way I want it to and I am not particular. So There.

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crazylady said...

No one can spare a square? Elaine off Seinfeld has vented about this.
If you were in the men's room,it would be par for the course, but women? Disappointing!