Sunday, July 01, 2007

An Interview With G

Interview with G:

What is your favorite color? gween and puhple

What is your favorite outfit? pajamas, clothes, dresses and T-shirks

What is your favorite food? pizza

What do you like to do? play in the sand sometimes

What makes you happy? Gammie

What makes you laugh? Dandad

What do you want to be when you grow up? Just wike Ms. Sawah (Ms. Sarah is her daycare teacher)

What makes you sad? crying

What can you tell me about China? China makes me happy

What do you like to do outside? Swide on my swide sometimes

"Hey hey, you forgot, Bambi is my favoit." She added this when I turned to type in the computer. Apparently I should have asked what her favorite movie is/was. Bambi happens to be the reigning champ for now.


kris said...

Loved her add in with Bambi!! SO cute.

crazylady said...

MENSA member in waiting. Why of course crying makes you sad!