Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 19, 2005 revisited

I thought that this year to celebrate our 2 year anniversary I would post what I posted on the Journey to G ya*hoo group for our trip accompanied with some photos.

So today is the last official full day in Memphis. We are off tomorrow. Meeting the parents at the airport around 9 am. We leave at 11:10 am for Minneapolis then on to Tokyo and then to Beijing arriving just in time for bed.

Then Friday we will have breakfast, tour the Temple of Heaven and Hutong village which will transport us back in time to old China to the times of the emperors. We will get to ride in a rickshaw (maybe if we can stomach it) and see the very narrow streets which is what Hutong means. And I maybe spelling it wrong too. It could be Houtong. That doesn't look right either. Anyway, dad has the guidebook and we will have a human guide take us.

Saturday we will head to the Great Wall. I am still debating on whether we should climb to the top in the heat?!?!?! Then to Tienamen Square, and the Forbidden City. What a treat and what a chance of a lifetime.

Sunday we head to Nanning and Monday morning we get to meet G for the first time. From that point she will be with us forever. I am sure everything will be a blur until I see her and then it will blur again after.

Thank you all for the well wishes and please keep us in your prayers. Two and half weeks is a long time to share a hotel room for three adults. Pray for mom and dad's health (not that they are sick) just because the heat is going to be very bad. Pray for all of our patience with each other. Pray that G will be prepared to come to us and we will bond well. The laptop is being charged, the cameras are ready, everyone is packed, and off we go.

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