Monday, July 23, 2007

July 23, 2005 Revisited The Great Wall

Italics added are current time commentary.

Yes!!! We did it. We climbed the Great Wall of China. It wasn't soooooo bad. (Gretchen, Scott, Pam, Shay and Bill the Santorini walk down the caldron steps was much worse.)First today we went to Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City. Now we did all of this in the rain. Pouring, drenching, pruning of fingers rain. Thankfully, it was not hot.

The Forbidden City is totally concrete because the emperor was paranoid of people hiding behind the trees to kill him. HMMMM sounds familiar. The concrete or brick ground cover is actually 15 layers because he was afraid of someone digging under to get him. It was a very interesting visit. We also stopped at the STARBUCKS, yes I said STARBUCKS, the Forbidden City. (As of this month there is no longer a Starbucks in the Forbidden City, 2007)

Our guides have been wonderful. We were almost not going to go to the Great Wall but the majority of the group wanted to go and those who did not returned to the hotel. It rained there too and the steps are very steep and all different heights. We got a certificate for climbing the Great Wall so we have pictures (which I will post from Nanning) and the cert. as proof of our bravery.There is a saying in China that the one who visits but doesn't climbs the Great Wall is not a man.

So.......Tonight due to the rain still we are staying in in our jams (PJS)and resting for the flight tomorrow (dad is already asleep).

We leave Beijing at 12:40 and arrive at Nanning about 4pm. We will not receive G until late in the afternoon on Monday. In the meantime in order to pacify waiting parents we were given updates on the children. Some of the information was the same for everyone but there were also differences. First her schedule was given as 7:00 wake up and have a bottle, eats congee (yucky) at 11 am 3 pm and 6:30 pm. Then a bottle at 10:30 pm.
Her favorite fruit is "Litchi, apples, pears, bananas, etc."
Her favorite juice is "Orange, apple, and pear juice." Her favorite food is "cookie, etc."
Her sleeping habit is up at 7 am nap at 9:30-10:30 and 1-4pm and then sleep at 11pm. She "sleeps with her face down" and with adults. (She is in foster care and they share a bed.)
Her favorite toys are ball, bell, and doll. (Some babies only like the ball) (ball, bell and stuffed animals are still her favorites)
Her favorite activities are "Outdoor activity, watch TV commercials(these two are the same on all babies), listen to music and dance."
Personalities (same on all babies) "She is vivacious, gregarious, smiling a lot, but afraid of new environment or strangers." (great) (she is still unsure in new environments and around new people)
Her special habit is "When she goes to bed, she would like to hold her doll. (Pray they will let us have whatever it is she is sleeping with!!! We will even trade lamby blanket for it.) (they did)
Her size is 74 cm, 9.3kg (20.4 lbs), 4 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth. Pretty cool huh?

When we arrive in Nanning we will mostly do paperwork. The morning of the day that we get the babies we are going shopping for the formula and bottles (we didn't bring any, supposedly the babies don't really like USA bottles).

(G's schedule was pretty spot on and still is so. She is down to one nap a day though instead of two and gone are the bottles but only has of last Aug, 2006.)

Dad is getting a kick out of the postcard hustlers. He just grins as they come around. Mom has learned a few Chinese words such as Bu Shi Shi (no, thank you) and Ni hao (hello).

Anyway, Hello from Beijing.


crazylady said...

what nostalgia.
Thanks for the vertigo shot.
I couldn't climb the Wall. Did 10 steps in Jan with the Baby bjorn of goods and bailed.
Good on you guys.

crazylady said...

love the new makeover said...

We sadly missed the Great WAll and the Forbidden City. We flew right over and straight to our babies province to snatch up our babies and bring them home.