Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24, 2005 was travel day

On this day we were up relatively early and flew out of Beijing to Nanning. Well that was the intent anyway. We actually had to stop over in Guilin because of hurricane winds closing down the Nanning airport. I was physically sick because I get sick on take offs, landings, and close quarters with no fresh air. The interesting thing was that dad and I both without realizing it new we were flying into Guilin. We had never been there but it is very distinct and recognizable from the air. We were surprised that we guessed right because we didn't know until the plane landed to be refueled where we were. Come to think of it I am not sure we knew knew until we arrived in Nanning and found our frantic guide Dennis.

This picture is the room waiting on G to come home from China. It is in our old house and yes G does remember it but probably not in the details.

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crazylady said...

Search and Destroy would obliterate a room with such pretty pink touchables. Lovely haven for Glenys though.