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July 25 and 26, 2005 Revisited -Gotcha Day

Italics are current time commentary.

July 25, 2005


Posted more pictures in the photo section of this site. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to get to the main site. Then click on the Photo word.

So we made it to Nanning after a 7 hour flight. We had to stop at Guilin because the Nanning airport closed due to bad weather. The internet is not quite as friendly as the Beijing internet so I am having more difficulty with the connection.We really are having a good time and we get G today at 5pm. So this is Monday and it is about noon here. So I will post more pictures when the baby is sleeping. Thanks for following. At this point there may be very little words and more pictures. (I just thought I would be in charge of her and not have a free hand to type. In reality since G wouldn't have anything to do with me, my computer and the ya*hoo group became my solice and companion so there were lots more words.)

I will say we went to the 5 story Wal-mart and there was a mall in the bottom of it. Mom got a curling iron so she feels like a human and I will never live down the fact that I made her pack carry on only. So Tianemen Square was neat but it rained the whole time we were there and in the Forbidden City. I may have already posted info on that day. Yesterday we only traveled.

Thanks for following. Can you tell I am stressed and anxious? Mom says I am like a new bride. I am not crazy about the analogy, but...

Still waiting,

July 26, 2005

So actually today is Tuesday morning at 6 am. Gotcha day happened at 5:30pm. Screaming babies, crying mommas (and Grammies), saving Grandads.

We knew G when she walked in. She had a stuffed pink bunny under her arm. All the babies were dressed alike and in a diaper. They had on a yellow/orange "kids club" short and shirt set. G's family picture with me is in the gotcha outfit. I decided not to make her cry. (changing the outfit for the picture would have made her cry really hard)

The only other outfit we put her in last night were PJs. We have since found out that G has actually been in foster care from day one. She now has a cough, rattly chest, drainage but I think and my parents think it is due to stress. She is actually a very healthy baby.

She is a very serious baby. She cried and cried in my arms and reached out to Grandad so when I gave her to him, mom and I became totally useless. (Actually, I turned to mom and said, "Well that was a mistake" in handing her off to grandad.) She likes Grandad best. She won't take anything from us but will eat from his hands.

She can walk very well. She likes big hard books and drinks from a tea cup. We were handed a bag with some treasures which included a Caucasian baby doll, three pictures (one with foster mom), one pair of socks, and a bag of candy treats. G pretty much was the only one to have so many things with her when we got her. Prayers were answered I believe.

She slept with Grammie and Grandad last night. We didn't want a screaming night fit. We have too much to do today not to have sleep. She is precious and she hasn't much more hair than her referral pictures.

When she cries she says "Ai yee" over and over. I think she is calling her aiyi or amma. (after having her report finally translated that is what she was crying. Later, during the trip we think she is calling for a foster grandad but that is not so.) She loves water and baths. Or actually she loves to play in the water. So Dad gave her first bath, first bottle, pretty much everything. Not sure what will happen when we get to Memphis. (I must say I was beginning to be extremely distressed at this point. G was absolutely terrified and would cry/scream if I came around.)

William, the Mandarin is very helpful now. I can tell her who I am, who mom is and who dad is to her. She looks as I point. They(foster family, director, aunties or amma's) called her Jiangjiang(jianjian pronounced).

She is suffering through the one bottle we bought at Wal Mart so we have to go back and get more bottles. (I still have that bottle. Mom and dad picked up nipples but no other bottles.)

She has been played with, taken very good care of, and has a mind of her own. It is an experience never to forget. Pictures are posted for gotcha day and in the hotel later in the gotcha day and gotcha day1 folder. (mind of her own thing has not changed much.)

Family photo after arriving back to hotel
Last Year July 26, 2007

Today July 25, 2007

Taken sometime this month

(Obviously the pics are locked in a ya*hoo group away from here. I posted the 25th and 26th together as they actually describe the same day.)

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Courtney Mei & her Guinness said...

I really enjoyed reading your Gotcha Day rememberances!! Thank you so much for all of your kind comments about our Courtney Mei!

I really liked the pics on your blog too, and your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!