Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27, 2005-Revisited

Waiting on the bus to take us to Guilin. G is asleep in my arms and I can hold her while she sleeps.

I am sleeping on the bus with her in my arms. She was okay as long as she didn't see Grandad.

Sleeping with Grandad with her bunny on his face. See he put up with a lot from her.

Italics are current time Commentary

We're in Guilin Wed. July 27

In good ole southern, "It is hotter 'n hades here." We have had two very rough days. Since G attached to my dad first and only and since he is so soft hearted, I forced the issue yesterday at adoption day and this morning after breakfast. By "forcing the issue" I mean I took her away from him and would not let her see him. I do not do it very long and never at night since I know we alllllll need a good night sleep. It just doesn't seem fair to anyone.

It is getting better, I even got her to smile at me. I was able to feed her some of my dinner with chop sticks and I can get her to fall asleep (after crying) on me. (Which turns out to actually be her way of coping with stress. So basically she was really just checking out.)

It really is hard and every time my mom thinks about G being sad she starts crying too. I was expecting the sorrow on G side but not so much on our side. I apparently haven't been looking very well as the coordinator is worried about me.(Sabrina our CHI guide who was wonderful by the way). Trust me I am not the only family with attachment issues. (Several moms took a back seat to the dads and were as broken up about it as I was.)

It gets better every day. She is still a very serious little girl and if she wanted dad to do a back flip to stop her crying he would do it easily. She woke up at 4 a m (3pm the day before central time) with a 101.1fever. (I never got the time home right. Still not sure how far ahead we were). We are giving her tylenol and benedryl every 4 hours. We can tell when she feels bad. Hopefully we won't have to go to a doctor as our coordinator, Sabrina, said it would scare her (and probably give Grammie and grandad a stroke). Please pray for her health and our stamina to do what we must for her.

Today we arrived in Guilin and I held her for half the trip then she went to dad and mom. Tomorrow we cruise the Li river in Guilin. We will be able to get souvenirs here and in Guangzhou. We found squeaky shoes in the Nanning hotel gift shop. G found a teacup with top on it and demanded it in her sing song whine so we bought it.(We still have it and I tell her about how she showed us how to use it).

She loves to put tops on and off and to put things into bags or whatever. She also likes to put her hand in Grandad's water. By the way, Grandad and Grammie will not say no to her!!!!! I am trying to teach them small words to say in Chinese like "no"but that is difficult for the grandparents to do. (Still is difficult even though "no" is said here in English.)

I don't know how to tell everyone following how much the encouraging e-mails mean to me. I read them to mom and dad too and they enjoy hearing from you all. It is harder than I prepared emotionally. I knew it would be hard but I didn't factor in the stress of traveling. Seeing G upset stresses us all out.

Scott, mom said if you would fly over and pick us up we could get you a lot of hoses!!! You should have a beautiful yard and fence for at least 2 1/2 weeks since Clementine is destroying, uh I mean staying with Kelly and Ed.

Today mom and dad were stopped in the market by a 12 year old Chinese boy who wanted to practice his English. He is a fan of the NBA. He spoke very well and mom spoke loudly. Then she, dad and G were asked to have a photo taken with two Chinese tourists (college students). Mom wasn't sure what they were asking but she complied.

I will try to post some more pictures. Love you all and miss you very much. China is wonderful though. The people are great!!! Everyone tries very hard to please us and make us feel good.


mommy24treasures said...

its great to go down Memory Lane...
Beautiful memories...

A Special Family said...

So amazing to look back...
sounds like her personality has been with her since day 1!