Monday, July 30, 2007

July 28, 2005-Revisited

Pictures are taken on the Li River Cruise. G was so comfortable that she was able to leave bunny with me and Grammie as she and Grandad went up top to view the scenery.

In order to complete the re-visit of the trip two years later here is July 28. All current time commentary is in italics.

July 28, 2005

She let me feed her the morning bottle. Of course she was sitting in Grandad's lap. Last night I fed her some congee. We are trying to keep her hydrated. She is not the best drinker and she really will only drink out of grown up water bottles.(That must have only been in China as she is a wonderful drinker here. She has a sippy cup mostly, except at school, in her hands all the time.) She only takes formula from the baby bottle. She loves putting tops on and off. (She enjoyed doing that top on off thing even when we got home and wanted me to sit and watch her do it. I watched her do it one time for 45 mins.)

Grandad taught her how to turn the light off but she grabs his finger to turn it back on again so she can turn it off again. I have that on video and wish I had a way to attach it. I may send it on a reply e-mail and see if it will work.

She feels much better this morning and has been up since 5:30 or so. Good thing we are going to bed early 9pm or 8:30pm every night.

She has to think about everything. She is probably going to be introverted (or already is) and probably left handed.(She is not left handed and she is def. introverted.) Grandad is letting her play with my pistachios, my comfort food. Good thing they sell the same thing in the gift shop. Prada bags (not knock offs) are about $30 in the hotel gift shop. (The Prada knock offs were much cheaper than the $30 ones. But I don't think the Prada's were the most popular styles sold every where either.) Any takers?

We leave early in the morning flying to Guanzhou and to the White Swan, our last stop before home. We have not done the best at buying souvenirs yet but shopping isn't over yet. We haven't spent much money either. We really brought too much but who knew??? Or rather who believed the been there done that posts??? (Apparently no one believes the BTDTs. I still see blogs etc with people saying they brought to much even after being told not to.)

Sally, yes it is hope for Sean. Remember the babies must attach to one or the other so you try to prepare yourself in case she does attach to him first. It is painful. (Painful wasn't actually a strong enough word to use at the time.) Also, in our group of 15 babies like 3 or 4 other babies attached to the men not the moms. So read every thing you can on attachment and bonding to prepare either way. Leslie, the same to you and I can't wait to see your guys referral and trips.

Gretchen, all we sleep under in all the hotels are duvets. I will see if we can find one in Guangzhou!!! Only sheets are to cover mattresses. Thanks for everyone following and e-mailing. Have a great weekend, it is Friday morning here about 7am.

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