Monday, July 30, 2007

July 29, 2005-Revisited

This was as close as I could get to her around Grandad. The second pic is of the phone she loved and we lost the last night in GZ.

Italics are current time commentary.

July 29,2005

Well finally maybe??

She finally reached for me but then quickly retreated to Grammie since Grandad was in the shower. I will take anything at this point. She showers with Grandad just to get her clean. Then to rip her out of his arms to dry and diaper her was terrible again. That was the magic moment, she reached for me to save her from Grammie. But then I had to diaper her which made her mad all over again. So Grandad got ready in a hurry to take her for a walk and push doorbell buttons and push light switches.

I hope everyone has gotten to see the photos posted. Aunt Diane that means you too. Again thank you all for the encouraging e-mails. We leave very early in the morning for Guangzhou. The bags have to be out in the lobby at 9pm tonight (Friday, July 29). Tonight we are going to see the waterfall. Today mom and I took a walk to find a play cell phone while G and Grandad napped. (If I had known then what I know now I would have taken more walks either with or without Grammie and left Grandad with G.)

We met a teacher who wanted to practice his English so he introduced us to the Tea Shop that sold the guilin tea and minority tea. We bought some. The guilin tea comes from a tree grown here in Guilin. It was very good tea. Also the minority tea is not shipped anywhere because it will spoil so it is only sold here. Maybe he was a con man but if he was he did not get a lot out of us. Shay, I can't wait to teach you how the Chinese prepare their tea. We can discuss the difference between the Chinese and Japanese way. The teacher is going to spend a year in NYU leaving his wife and 4 year old son behind.

He is familiar with the book Wild Swans about three generations of Chinese women going from warlord days through1980. The book is banned in China because it is very honest and gives a very well rounded picture of the Chinese way and issues. It is not very complimentary of the "great leader mao". But if anyone is interested in some history I would very much recommend it. It is a very well written story.

He was very concerned about racial discrimination against Asians. I am not sure what he is being told. I guess since I am caucasian I can't really say if New York is racist against Asians or not. I think it has more to do with status than ethnicity though. I would imagine as a teacher he would have minders with him though so I don't think he will necessarily have much free time to meet people who are going to mistreat him. His English name is Robert and he said his Chinese but I forgot it already. He gave us his card to e-mail him and I may or may not.(I never did but still I have his card.) He is an artist and his wife teaches math.

That and the cell phone that G loved was the highlight for the day.

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The Byrd Family said...

So sorry your trip was this way. How discouraged you must have felt but so happy to finally have your daughter. It is sad when our own parents don't understand the importance of attachment and bonding. But now it is just you and Glenys and everything is as it should be. I do remember you from the CHI forum group and were always so uplifting to me but I pulled out of that group because people were always attacking each other. I love your honesty!