Monday, July 30, 2007

Just because I like this Pic.

This weekend we celebrated one of our China sister's birthdays. Cackie, who is currently waiting on mei mei, turned 3. We celebrated at a water park/playground. At one point another of our China sisters and G and I went to the playground part just as an ex-boyfriend and his current wife and 10 1/2 month old baby girl.

I think he figured out who I was even though I attempted to really stay far far away from him and out of his view. They didn't stay for very long. He is almost 50 now as it was 6 years ago that we broke up and he was early 40s then.

Sometimes, I can be really grateful for the breakups and after seeing him again and seeing his not very pretty baby I am really grateful for the breakup. He had been married 3 times previously when we dated, so this is either his # 4 or greater marriage.

G was worried prior to the party that everybody would not remember her and yes she voiced her concern in excited anticipation about it. Then we reach the party and she wouldn't have much to do with any of them. In her defense the party was at 4pm Sat. Her nap time is usually 2-4ish. She actually fell asleep at 1:30 and was up roughly at 3:30pm then we had to pack (we were at grammie's house) from when she spent the night and drive to the party about 45 mins away. So I think she was still a bit groggy.

I made her get wet though so we could prove to grammie and grandad that she did get in the water. Oh and we had to pee by a tree. Well, not me but I had to hold her which fascinated her to no end as there was no port-a-potty or restroom anywhere. Yuck! Sort of like camping which I have determined to never do. All in all we had a pretty good weekend.


Diana said...

Repeat experience with 2 anti-social cling-ons, and then you've entered MY world. Hehehe
Great picture....
Feels good too see an ex with ugly wife eh?

mommy24treasures said...

it is a pretty picture...
I am sorry the party wasn't more fun.