Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nickname Meme

I was tagged for a meme of the nicknames I use I suppose for G. I call her everything without any specifications to gender. She gets called: tooterbooter, buddy, hun (as in honey not attilla the hun, although that sometimes fits), skootertooter, kiddo, sweetiepateetie, turkeybutt(when she is being ornery), preciousbedecious, sunshine, monkey (born in the year of the monkey and flips/climbs like one too), bug bait (more of what she is rather than what I call her, does that count?), sillynilly or sillybadillie, squirt, have caught myself calling her "son" as in "now son" (I guess I have gender issues as I mess the genders up of the dog and cats always), princess (no snark comments please), and I am sure there are more but I am not remembering them right now.

G calls me Mama or mommy but not Mother yet. My mother used to call me Beverly Jane (which is not my middle or last name) when she was mad at me.


crazylady said...

tooterbooter suggestive of gaseous explusions?
I'll stick to calling you chicklet on the account of your teeth. said...

I love Beverly Jane. Has a real southern charm about it.