Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Out on a limb

I am going to go out on a limb here and talk about something that is not just something I believe without thoughtful consideration but something I strongly believe in with much thought, study and guidance.

I will admit it, I am a NEW EARTH CREATIONIST. What does that mean, you ask? Well, I firmly believe the creation account in Genesis and with scientific backing, yes it is there, I believe that the earth is not more than 10,000 years old. Before you turn me off here my understanding of my belief. I do not come to this lightly and science has not proven atheistic evolution as a fact. Actually, when scientists start with a premise, the evidence will support that premise or at least the conclusions drawn about the evidence will support that premise.

Example the fossil record. Have you ever thought about how the fossils are dated? Of course you have because you learned it in school, evolutionary science. The fossil is found in a layer of dirt which is dated such and such. How do you know the dirt is such and such old? Because fossils of this type have been found there. Now that is circular reasoning and yes it is in all of the evolutionary museums. What happens when a petrified tree is found crossing several layers of earth? It is written off as an anomaly. What is that, you say? It is a mystery not to be taken as evidential proof of intelligent design.

If you think about the layers of the earth and how things settled there with not a stretch of the imagination you can believe that it was a violent flood that stirred up the earth and quickly settled by weight creating the many layers and fossils in the layers. In fact, in order for petrification/preservation to occur you need several things, something dies and is quickly buried/settled in moist conditions. The baby mammoth that was recently found would be an example. If the quickly settled part doesn't happen then predators or scavengers would tear and eat the dead thing.

Now with an evolution based thought process I would take the mammoth and say, "My look at this discovery of this preserved mammoth that is millions of years old." Then all of my research would start from that premise with all conclusions supporting the premise.

With a creation based or intelligent design background I would investigate based on whether this baby mammoth was a victim of the flood first and then study all other issues based on that theory.

Now if you happen to believe in atheistic evolution I will not say your belief is based in ignorance but I will say there is some critical thinking not being done and some assumptions of truth based on scientists who hold to that view. Oh and all scientists do not agree on atheistic evolution.

Next installment: black and white moths as proof of evolution.

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