Friday, July 06, 2007

Retro Friday

Still not going back very far; this from 2001.

I am at the wedding celebration of Jer*ry Sch*illin*g and his long time girlfriend now bride, Cindy. He was E*lvi*s P*res*ley's manager and also B*ill*y J*oe*l's manager. They were married in India and this was the post marriage celebration. They really are/were down to earth humble people despite their fame.

*using astericks to keep search engines from finding us. I try to take some precautions.


crazylady said...

Well aren't you elbowing with the stars. Next you'll tell me you live next to Cher.
You look so pretty though!

kris said...

You look like the star to me. WOW.
Can I have some of your genes? said...

G-d you look like a movie star! Where did you say you lived?! Hollywood!